Messages from the CommitteeThe 2019-2020

January 01, 2020

This year we will not be publishing our usual messages from the committee as we undergo a bit of a 'revamp of the board'.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank our SHA Chair of many years, Lyn Wilson, who steps down from her role to enjoy more time with friends and family. It has been great to have your support Lyn and we hope the future is bright! The Chair's post is temporarily vacant and we will publish details as and when they are received. We are pleased to have have appointed a new Vice Chair and Training Coordinator, Judith Adams,  whose (legendary) energy and enthusiasm is going to be much appreciated by the board and members alike, we are certain! We are also relieved and grateful to have taken on some extra 'little helper' energy in unofficial capacities, as recently fledged student healers Keeley and Liam join the team to help us keep on top of the mountains of paperwork and mail-outs that SHA periodically generates, many thanks to you two.

Sadly as you will read in the tributes below below, Kathy- the glue that held it all together here- passed away recently after a long and debilitating illness.  Right up to the end of her life she worked tirelessly to ensure that SHA would be fit for purpose long after she had passed, and she has succeeded. She was always passionate to ensure that members and students had their say in the affairs of Surrey's. As you can tell, there have been seismic changes in the board recently and so there has never been a better time to get stuck in and have your say in determining the future of SHA so please, if you can attend the AGM on 30th May.   

Kathy Ward- In Memoriam

January 01, 2020

Kathy Ward

Some of you may know or have been told that Kathy (vice chair/training) had been unwell for the last four years or so. This is true, and her condition gradually worsened over that period, with many trips to the hospital. With not only the pain in her broken back due to osteoporosis keeping her in a wheelchair for so many years, but also with breathing difficulties due to C.O.P.D., and the summer heat this year did her no favours at all.


 Kathy got great enjoyment out of teaching. Whether it be to do with healing, chakras, auras, astrology and numerology, as well as her (intense) circle work, together with the church she ran for over 15 years, to name just a few areas of interest she had.

But what she was most famous for was her numerology, and the guidance she gave to others on timing of events in their lives. At one time she was consultant to the British Astrological and Psychic Society. One night on Mike Allen’s Talk Radio late night show Kathy managed to do forty-one readings in fifty minutes (not only was Mike impressed, I was too).  She was not only on  many radio and television stations demonstrating the accuracy of her art, she worked also in America, many European countries, Asia and Australia.  She was even known to give readings whilst shooting the rapids on a raft in the Grand Canyon.  Some of her ‘clients’ included Phyllis McGuire (singer, McGuire Sisters), Bob Stupek (businessman, built the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas), but most memorable for me was the times we spent with Debbie Reynolds (singer/actress) at her hotel in Las Vegas, and being chauffeured by her to the many interesting places Vegas has to offer. In addition to all that, she ran her own Church at Charlton House for over 15 years and trained up many students to full healer status in that time.

Unfortunately, with the passage of time, Kathy’s health continued to deteriorate. Over the last two years quite rapidly ….. and after being very ill for the last six months, Kathy passed into spirit on Monday 23rd September 2019.


Kathy Ward, also known as Kathy Fay – Numerologist.

Thanks for the best thirty years of my life.  I’m going to miss you like CRAZY !  With Much Love – Martin xx

My path to becoming a Full Healer, by L.E. London

January 01, 2020

My  Path  to  Becoming  a  Full  Healer – A  Tribute  to  Kathy.

I still vividly remember the first time I entered Kathy’s church, Spiritual Links in Charlton, my head full of unanswered questions I had failed to resolve anywhere I searched before. I nervously walked up to the coffee bar where my Grandma, who already knew the man serving and had visited the church previously, explained why I was there. “I think you should talk to Kath, she seems to be the one with all the answers,” he said. So we took our seats and waited for the service to start, which also happened to be my first experience of watching a medium work. Before the start, a lady in a wheelchair was pushed down the aisle with a huge grin on her face as she nodded and waved hello to all the well-known regulars at her church, before taking her seat up front where she saw my new face and eyed me inquisitively as if looking through my soul. Eventually the working medium came to me and gave me a message. Most of the message is unimportant for this piece, save the part where I was told that I should look into joining a healing circle, at which point Kath’s eyebrows slightly raised. After the service I walked over to Kathy and asked if she was free to take any questions. “Why would I give you any of my time to answer your questions?” she exclaimed, her tone aggressive and commanding yet sincere and without disrespect. “You already know it all! If you’re serious about joining a circle you’d better be here every single week to show you’re committed to learning, THEN we can talk.” I left the church stunned and confused. Did I actually know it all? Was she being sarcastic? If only I knew then how big of a problem my ridiculously large and fragile ego was. All I knew for sure; I was determined to keep coming back.

A couple of months later, after I had showed my commitment by turning up every week and given Kathy the chance to observe me studiously (no doubt also watching my aura fluctuate during the services), I was called up to the front table with another potential healer where we were given an address, date and time. At this point my grandma was also invited. “Do NOT be late,” she said, “and write down a list of questions you might want answered.” Now if any of you reading this know Kath, you would understand that even after only seeing Kath for a short period, I dared not defy any instructions she gave in fear of having my head ripped clean off. So I wrote down a list of countless questions, that I now understand to be absolutely ridiculous. I turned up at the address 10 minutes early; quite a feat for me at the time. I was welcomed in where I saw Kath, two other people (who would become my tutors later on) and the other invitee. The first thing asked was whether I would like a tea or coffee and I would find out that this would be the case in every single visit. A warm welcome in anyone’s eyes. Now Kath got down to the nitty gritty. Our dates of birth. Kath was the most extraordinary numerologist and over my time knowing her, told me many tales of all the people she had met in her life and how she had worked out nearly all of their life path / destiny numbers and/or their charts. Some of the tales were truly amazing. After working out my life path number, she let out an exasperated “ I don’t believe it,” to which I obviously looked quizzical. She told me my number and explained its meaning, using a strong choice of words that I cannot repeat in my writing (Not that Kathy ever swore!). This is that fateful moment I learned about my huge yet fragile ego that happened to be the source of the majority of all my past problems and, if I didn’t learn “PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY & SELF-DISCIPLINE” (THE most important and staple principles of ALL my learning), would continue to cause me problems. This, I believe, was the crucial first step towards becoming a healer and just a better human being in general, both towards myself and the rest of the people in my life. The meeting continued like this, Kathy using her flamboyant language to point out whenever my ego crept in to shut me down. I realised all the questions I had thought to ask were irrelevant and she must have known also, as we were never even asked to read them out. One last lesson I was taught before leaving that night of wonders was the importance of shutting down and advice on how to do it, something I still use to this very day and shall for the rest of my life.

Another few months on after building up some essential trust with Kath and the other participants (at which point my grandma stopped attending & gave Kath her approval), I was asked if I wanted to start my two year course for healing. I enthusiastically agreed, excited to see what was to come. I was told who my tutors would be as Kath explained she could not do it herself for many reasons. From here on out we would meet every two weeks where we would share our notes on healing and be asked questions that would prompt us to think deeply and in ways we weren’t used to; all a part of the process. If our egos sneakily got involved without us noticing, we would be told off. If we made progress and took it humbly, we would be praised. Looking back, the development throughout my two years of training was incredible. I understand now that it was not simply learning about the healing process but also about our own personal development and our understanding of the people and the world around us. Once again, I must stress that I owe all of this to Kath and my two tutors.

Throughout this time, I grew quite fond of Kath and actually began becoming friends with her. Another person I know became a trainee and friend and we would often meet up for general chit-chat and watch movies, the news or other TV programs, where she would shout profanity at the TV and all of us would be in hysterics. We were told amazing stories of her travels across the world and all the work she had done, all the amazing people she had met; Vegas being the most prolific. I began to see another side to Kath. Sure, she was a formidable force and not to be reckoned with. But she was also extremely kind and generous, always wanting the best for everyone. Don’t get me wrong, when I needed a kick up the backside she made no hesitation in giving it to me, pushing me to sort my life out. However I understand that it was all for the best and I am grateful for every single telling off I received. One very fond memory I have is being invited to a noodle bar where we were waited on with plates piled mountains high with tasty food. A mismatch group of people sat on the table opposite, one of them with a glorious afro sitting atop his head. Kath could NOT resist; she immediately asked me to wheel her over to him so she could ask to touch his hair. He approved and so she did, running her fingers through it with an innocent childish grin shining on her face. This sparked off conversation between the two tables and we had a riotous laugh.

Two years later and onto my exam. During this time Kath had gotten extremely ill and had been in and out of hospital more times than I can count on my two hands. It was an extremely upsetting and stressful period; not that we still didn’t manage to have a good laugh at nearly every visit! Everything was up in the air, but I was determined to make her proud. I studied every single day for the week before the exam, hours on end committed to making sure Kath would get the chance to see me pass. I entered the room where my exam was taking place, as nervous as the day I first walked into Kath’s church. The examiners were very welcoming and friendly which definitely helped, but I was still feeling the pressure. I answered all my questions, getting stuck at certain points where my brain just seemed to freeze and go blank. I eventually finished and left, eagerly awaiting the results.

Weeks passed and I finally received my results. I had passed! I still remember the smile on Kathy’s face the first time I saw her after receiving the news; it filled me with joy. I thank my tutors (you know who you are!) for all your time and your valuable insights. Unfortunately Kath passed away a few weeks prior to me writing this article. My thoughts are with her (as we know she has not truly gone anywhere) and her family in this troubling time. All of this, every single part of this journey, I owe to Kath. I am extremely lucky to have known such an amazing and wise woman. Formidable yet caring. Aggressive yet kind. Commanding yet loving. An overall brilliant woman with a golden heart and the best intentions that touched my life and the lives of many others before and after me. Thank you Kathy for everything you have taught me and for all the fun times we shared. You will be missed greatly. Without you, I would still be wandering life aimlessly. You helped me to rebuild both my self-confidence and my faith in the rest of humanity, overall becoming a better person than I ever thought I could. You put me on the right path. I hope you enjoy causing your mischief from the other side and I will be looking forward to meeting you there! Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Much love,   L. E. London

2018 - 2019 Messages From The Comittee

January 01, 2019

Your Committee



Chair   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     Mrs. Linda Wilson                             Tel  :      020 8473 6144

                                                117 Heavitree Road, London SE18 1SU


Vice Chair   &. . . . . . . . . .      Mrs. Kathy Ward                               Tel :       020 8317 8341

Training Co-ordinator  . . .    18 Antelope Road, London SE18 5PN         


Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . .      Mr. Ian Neubronner                          Tel  :      07849 552196


Secretary   &                          Mr. Martin Spear                              Tel  :      020 8317 8341

Membership Secretary . . .   18 Antelope Road, London SE18 5PN          




I.T. Co-ordinator . . . . . . . .   Mr. Jason Parrish



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



The Committee cannot run Surrey’s without your help, and so

we need your support   on just one Saturday in the year for the AGM/Healer Meet Healer day.


A.G.M./Healer meets Healer       Saturday    1st June   2019   at 1pm


In Hooley Village Hall,   St. Margarets Way,  Hooley CR5  3RB.


Tutor Training Days                Saturday     8th June 2019

             and   Saturday      14th September 2019

Please telephone for details 020 8317 8341



Training days held in 18 Antelope Road, Woolwich, London SE18 5PN


Press date for the NOVEMBER journal,  send to Editor before  9th October 2018.  


   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .




Please contact the Committee on our e-mail address with any queries, articles or suggestions.

If you would like your details listed on the website or in the Journal, please send us the details to :  E-mail :  surreyhealing@hotmail.co.uk              Website : www.surreyhealing.org.uk



The opinions expressed in this Journal are those of the contributing authors and do not purport to represent the views of the Association as a whole. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the reliability of contributors, the S.H.A. cannot accept any liability. The Committee reserve the right to edit or decline inclusion of any article or advertisement.

Chair’s Report :


Welcome everyone to our 2018 journal.  Another year has come and almost gone, and we are again approaching Christmas. The clocks have gone back, the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. Halloween is upon us closely followed by bonfire night.  Warm clothes, coats hats and gloves are needed, after one of the best summers for a long time, suddenly everything has changed.

We should be used to this change, from the moment we are born our lives are one of change.  We change as we grow physically and mentally, everyday full of new experiences. Our environment changes as the seasons and nature brings its different bounties ad challenges. A gentle breeze to a fierce and destructive wind. An ice cold sky full of snow, to a hot burning sun.  Such changes !  Yet we still never seem prepared for them.

As in our lives, some of us embrace change, relish in something new and different, and are bored with the same old routine.  For others routine and the sameness of it is comforting, reassuring and safe. One thing is certain, we never know when our lives will change – life is like that and change they will.  And we have no choice but to accept the changes whether they are good or bad. But it is our choice what we make of these changes and nature shows us that after the hardest winter, spring brings new life. And the same can be said of the human spirit rising to the challenges in the darkest of times.   We all have inner strength, we just have to look inside our hearts to find it.


May all your hearts be full of strength when needed, and always love in all its forms this Christmas, and on into the New Year.

* Lyn *

Vice Chair’s Report

Our Chair this year has written her report about changes in the world, the seasons, family and home. And she is quite right in what she says.  This year I have lost a very good friend, and very soon a sister-in-law. In our church we have got at least 5 or 6 people suffering with cancer. One in fact has been told  they are curable. There is an awful lot of people in an awful lot of families that seem to be passing with cancer. It is almost beginning to sound like the common cold. But I feel that the people that belong to this movement, although they are very sad at their loved ones and friends passing, we have, I hope the ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE that they are in a better place.  We will miss them, our grandmothers and grandfathers, mothers and fathers brothers and sisters,   cousins, but we will remember them in a very positive way. And everyone that belongs to Surreys or has our way of believing KNOW that they are in a better place, and although we realise, we will never have a chat to them on the phone, have them for a meal, see them in the street;  it is the physical side of all of them that we want back. And that doesn’t matter whatever age you are. We also know LOGICALLY that we cannot have them physically back, and then we upset ourselves ….. did we really tell them we loved them when they were here ?   Well I truly believe that they KNOW we did LOVE THEM. But here’s a thought,  how often do you tell your loved ones you still have THAT YOU LOVE THEM? How ever old your brothers and sisters, your children who are now grown, your grand children and your great grand children.  Tell them that you love them. Say the words. Give them a cuddle, and when you, and we pass, we will know that we have told the important people in our lives how much we loved them when we were here to tell them. And when we become spirit, however old they are, they will always know that spirit loved them, because you told them so.  And perhaps that could be the Christmas message for this year …. People haven’t got a lot of money now … half of us haven’t got the energy to go out shopping they way we used to do. We get up tight and worried at what to buy them. Even if it is still only an apple or orange in a sock (remember those days).  But what better message, and what easier message to say I LOVE YOU and I AM PROUD OF YOU. That costs nothing and I don’t think that our families want any more from us than just that.

Happy Christmas.


Secretary’s Report :


A.G.M.   My thanks go to the one member who managed to attend the AGM this year.  In the event that decisions have to be voted upon, if we don’t have many members voting, those decisions  would   end up   being the  view of the  committee,  not  necessarily of THE MEMBERS !


In an effort to encourage more members to attend and be involved in making decision, it was proposed at this year’s AGM to change the date, from March to June. It was proposed, seconded and voted unanimously on.   And so our 2019 AGM will be 1st June 2019 @ Hooley Village Hall. Hopefully more of you can support us in the warmer weather and attend the AGM/Healer-meets-Healer event.


Membership Report :

Photos :  If you wish to change your photo on your membership card, please do not send it with your renewal,  I don’t need the extra hassle at that time of year. It would be much better to send it to me in the summer (you could have a lovely sun tan to show off).


Members : Another year when our membership renewals are down.  We really do need our trainers to take up the challenge of training up new students, if only just to keep Surreys functioning.   If any of you have been to as many funerals as we have in the last year or so, it is easy to see why our numbers are going down.


Events : Some time ago we used to regularly put on a seminar day and invite a guest speaker on a particular subject.  But due to lack of members attending it became uneconomical to hold.


Likewise, the Healer-meets-Healer Day was cancelled as a one off event and merged with the A.G.M. in the hopes that it would attract more members to attend the events. Our theory being that members would only have to get ready to go out just one Saturday in the year to support Surreys and attend two events in one go.


- Martin

Training Co-ordinator’s Report

Dear Members,

Here we go, another year and all of us that are left just get a year older.

I am taking this opportunity to give you the dates for next year’s Tutor Training :

8th June 2019 and 14th September 2019,  so please contact us for details.

They are the usual dates that we give every year for these two Tutor dates.  The reason for that being that it is before and after the children’s holiday.


Now I am sure that most of you, like me, haven’t got children at school but I am also sure that some of you look after your own grandchildren. So that is why we try to work around the children’s school holidays.   As you will see Martin has yet again asked for help from you. He did last year and now he is doing it again for 2019. And I realise that at times it is very hard to get new students.  I know that some of you also run churches, Martin and I too run a church. I am now 77 and he is now 74 years old. The way we attract new students is by listening to the messages that the mediums may give to our congregation “you can be a healer”, and we watch those particular people very carefully. Being that we are there every week, this message will reoccur with mediums from time to time, and if it goes to the same people several times, we then approach them to see if they would like to become healers.  I know it is very difficult because you cannot pluck people out of the street, and although our churches, especially if they are independent, are finding their congregation drop in numbers, we are still trying to get the word across that we all can do something for some one.  So is it possible that you, who can, think in a broader sense and see how many people may be interested in doing healing in your churches.


Who is going to teach them I hear you ask ?   But if you are Tutors, you are. And if you are not, a day’s course with no written examination can be one. We do not want Surreys to fold, we do need more students, but we have to find the Tutors that are prepared to teach the students. 


We are all getting older and surely it would be nice for all of us oldies to replenish Surreys for the years to come.  Martin and I have at the moment got three students one 56 one 43 and one 23, all from our congregation, all people that want to learn and study and help others.  If we can do it at our age, why can’t you at least think about doing it ?  Strangely enough it might make you feel less old, more youthful and being the very few people that will help Surreys continue.   Help us to help you. Happy Christmas.                      

- Kathy

And, on a lighter note...
"USES for WD-40.    Not scientifically proved… Not medically recommended ….  BUT … BELIEVE IT OR NOT …

Recently a friend of mine  told me about a conversation he had with one of his friends many years ago. His friend was suffering with arthritis, especially in his knees, and having tried many pills, potions and remedies over the years to ease the pain, was at his wits end as to what to try next.  What my friend told me he tried next left me speechless at how ridiculous it sounded.  He actually took a can of WD40 (yes the oil for machinery) and gave his knees a quick squirt. After rubbing the oil into his knees for a while, he claimed that it actually made a difference and the pain, although not gone completely, was greatly reduced.

Having heard that, I thought the man has lost his marbles. How ridiculous is that, and told him so.

Then my friend said to me that was his reaction too at the time, but now my friend who now  is also suffering with his knees, thought ….. “ well I’ll give it a try … after all … it can’t hurt  …. can it ?”   

He told me that he tried it himself a few weeks ago and IT HAS MADE A DIFFERENCE IN RELIEVEING SOME OF THE PAIN, also his skin is now soft and shiny. He then proceeded to demonstrate by giving his knee a squirt and massaging in the oil.  His assurances that it actually helped to relieve the pain was very convincing and I have to believe (that in his case) that it did actually make a difference.

When he went back to the consultant for a review of his knee operation, he started to tell the consultant about his amazing discovery.  The consultant stopped him for a moment and called to all his associates in the adjacent rooms for them to come and hear my friend’s story.  He explained in great detail to the gathering of specialists and nurses who crammed into the room ….. there was very little reaction …. Almost a dumbfounded silence …. Until they exited the room …. And they (in my opinion very unfairly)  burst into peels of laughter.   Well it works for my friend !!!!

A quick reference to the above disclaimer …

Not scientifically proved… Not medically recommended ….

Being slightly bemused by all this I thought I would Google it to see what the greater public thought of the idea … and guess what …  many people reported that they have got relief when using this as a massage oil, (in spite of how daft it sounds at first).

Not only is there (unofficially) support for this use of WD-40  but according to Google it has many other uses as well ….

10 Surprising Uses for WD-40

 (and 5 Places It Should Never Be Sprayed)

Everybody knows WD-40 is the go-to product for silencing squeaks, displacing moisture, preventing rust, and loosening stuck parts. You probably have a can sitting in your garage right now. It has a ton of uses, but it's no panacea.  

Use WD-40 To:

1. Lube a shovel. Spray WD-40 on a shovel, spading fork, hoe or garden trowel. The soil slides right off—especially helpful when digging in clay.

2. Clean tile. The spray removes spilled mascara, nail polish, paint and scuff marks from tile floors, and also help you wipe away grime from the grout lines. Clean up with soapy water.

3. Scrub stains from stainless steel sinks.

4. Unstick gum. A squirt makes it easier to pull gum out of carpet and even hair. It's better than cutting out the gum and leaving patchy carpet or a bad haircut.

5. Soften leather. Oil can help break in a stiff leather tool belt.

6. Free stuck LEGOs. Your kids will thank you.

7. Erase crayon. When crayon ends up on toys, flooring, furniture, painted walls, wallpaper, windows, doors, and television screens. Spray on WD-40 and wipe it off.

8. Prevent flowerpots from sticking when stacked together.

9. Get rid of rust. Spray and rub away rust from circular saw and hacksaw blades. It can also clean blades of tar and other gunk.

10. Remove goo. Unstick gooey residue from price tags, duct tape, and stickers.

But Don't Spray It On:

1. Door hinges. Sure, WD-40 will stop the squeaking, but it also attracts dust and dirt. Over time, you'll end up with ugly black streaks on your hinges.

2. Bike chains. WD-40 can cause dirt and dust to stick to a chain. Use bike-specific lubricants, which typically contain Teflon.

3. Paintball guns. WD-40 can melt the seals in the guns.

4. Locks. The spray can prematurely wear down the internal mechanisms, especially in the pin tumbler locks, in door locks and padlocks. Go for graphite powder.

5. iPods and iPads. WD-40 won't repair the Home button on these devices. In fact, the spray can cause the plastic to break down on the cover, and if some gets inside the electronics, it can damage plastic parts inside.


…And then of course….If you REALLY want to know what else you can do with it ….

The manufacturers of WD-40 offer a list of  2,000 other suggested uses for WD-40,


…….although it says you “should exercise common sense”.

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November 29, 2016

We are now on Facebook, the perfect opportunity to connnect more frequently with SHA and to share items and articles related to healing that you would like oothers to know about. Take a moment to join us and help kick-start our knowledge sharing network!

Moulin de Vies, Lamboing by Peter Isbell (member)

November 16, 2016

Many years ago I met Dr. Nelly Grosjean at her Musee des Aromes (Museum of Aromatherapy) in Graveson En Provence, France and was greatly impressed with her many ideas on wellbeing and dedication to the ten golden rules. Over the years Nelly has travelled to many Countries teaching and demonstrating her beliefs and philosophy on wellbeing. I set out below some details of her new Health Centre called Moulin de Vies, Lamboing.

In September of 2015 Nelly opened a Health Centre in Switzerland. The building was renovated, previously being a derelict mill and a derelict listed Building in Lamboing in the Chasseral Regional Park. Nelly decided that the building had the space to make a wonderful Health Centre calling it the Moulin de Vies, as she wanted it to become a haven of peace, dedicated to wellness, natural care and essential oils. Nelly’s project initially started in 2012 and after many months of discussions and negotiations she was able to obtain the necessary permits to transform the building. Throughout the renovation work and conversion she worked very closely with the Historical Monuments Department and the Archaeological Department of Switzerland. Many new elements were added into the construction whilst retaining its historic past so as to provide the essential facilities required of a modern Health Centre.


The materials used in the refurbishment project were, wherever possible, natural and environmentally friendly. For example the insulation in the building is of a compound coated hemp and clay. The roof and the frame were made in the likeness of what existed before. The Health Centre will have multiple functions, besides the intended production of essential oils, it will have natural therapies, there will be seminars throughout the week and detox sessions with instruction from world renowned natural food specialists on healthy eating.

Nelly has always taught the Ten Golden Rules for wellbeing, these are: -

1.  Breathing                             

2.  Diet                                                   

3.  Physical exercise 

4.  Relaxation                        

5.  Sleep 

6.  Water 

7.  Physical, affective, harmony 

8.  Sun 

9.  Positive thinking                                                                            

10. Aromatherapy

Her ten golden rules for wellbeing are every day practise exercises. They are the starting point for a new life hygiene that results in health, joy, well-being, success, love and happiness. This daily application she says of simple things, helps us to transform, correct and improve our lives and at the same time, the lives of those who practice them with us.


Practicing these rules she says helps reduce those minor aches and pains, giving new energy in the morning, eliminating a large amount of stress, encouraging vivacity and zest for life and improving your physical, mental and spiritual performances, because everything is inter-related. The path toward natural health begins by an understanding of yourself and some practical daily exercises to be responsible for your health. The golden rules for well-being are the keys she says to promote good health and passion for life!

« As the architect of his own body, man is the first and sole steward of his health. »

The amount of interest in the new Health Centre has been overwhelming with interest from all around the world with people and groups wishing to come to the Moulin de Vies, to stay and to enjoy the wonderful facilities. Many are coming to Moulin de Vies, from China, Taiwan, South and North America and Europe. Nelly also has at present a Centre in Provence, France, called the Musee des Aromes and is a world-renowned specialist of natural aromatherapy. For more than thirty years, she has tirelessly made it her main goal to provide global information on natural and organic aromatic essential oils as well. Not only has Nelly specialised with aromatherapy and essential oils, but has also written many books on these subjects, all concepts being solely developed by her.


2016-2017: Messages From The Committee

November 26, 2016

President’s Message

Hello again, I’m sure that you are all still very busy with your healing sessions and long may you continue this valuable service.  It is still important to advertise the work that we do for the public as it supports the service provided by doctors.  Many now accept this and are ready to co-operate and recommend suitable patients to a healer that they have confidence of and may be able to help. One aspect of our work you may not have realised and although it may not be foremost in your mind is that our healing work is part of the evolutionary process of the spirit within us and was the purpose that this life had to serve for us.


At a public demonstration some years ago a doctor had brought his patient and who had received healing said “Thank God for you people”.  Clearly impressed by what he had seen.  This makes the point that we must organise more public demonstrations. Surely we can find a suitable healer who would be prepared to provide this valuable service?  Let the Secretary know if a suitable Healer can be found.


Christmas will soon be upon us and I wish you all whatever you would wish yourselves and look forward to a very good New Year.

- Fred Cousins

Chair’s Report

Hello everyone,  how’s your year been? Eventful, the same old routine, full of expectation, challenging, emotional? For each of us different, I have no doubt, and we all have a different way of coping with whatever life gives us. Many of us feel we cannot deal with day to day living, and not necessarily because they are alone, growing older, or are physically ill.  Many people in our society today are suffering from mental illness, and this can affect anyone from the very young to the very old, in so many different ways.  It is an “unseen illness”, you can look fine on the outside but inside, well that’s a different matter! I often wonder why it seems to be more and more common today. What does it say about our way of life?

One reason I hear many people give is that we have to “live to work”, not “work to live”.  There seems, for many, no money or time left to spend enjoying life with our family and friends or just having a quiet restful day. We are bombarded by the media trying to sell us things, so we can look a certain way, believe certain things, and behave in a certain way. It seems a sin to be an individual, we might stand out in a crowd, and look “different” and some who do are often targeted, for not confirming or fitting in with everyone else.


Let us hope for a future that teaches our children to celebrate our differences. That teaches them to be compassionate and caring to each other, not cruel. Not to judge anyone for how they dress, what they believe or the colour of their skin. Our world is changing, let us hope if we respect each other we will get back what we give out, and our world becomes a happier, fairer, and safer place for us all to live. Healing is needed more than ever. Keep sending it out, light is needed in so many dark places in our world.

Love to you all, and I hope you enjoy Christmas, with all the joy and mayhem that goes with it! Stay warm and well so you can look forward to a very Happy New Year.

- Linda

Secretary’s Report

There were some important decisions to make at this year’s AGM. Not only the proposing and voting on last year’s minutes, accounts, changes for members on committee, and even the rising costs involved in running Surreys. Sadly at this year’s AGM the Committee OUTNUMBERED the members attending.  Our thanks to Mr. Ted Harman who came to support us, we were very pleased to see you there!  Remember your opinions are important to us, so come along next year and let us hear what you have to say.


The next AGM date 18th March 2017 at 1pm.  Please put this date and time in your diaries and arrange for just one day off from your busy lives to support Surreys at Hooley Village Hall. The Committee talked about the guess work involved in supplying food for an unknown number of members attending the AGM, and concluded that it would be better if members brought their own food.  This would not only save on the cost of surplus food being wasted, but your specific dietary requirements would be catered for.   Tea and coffee will still be supplied by us.

Membership fees increased to £25 from 2018 renewal.  Because of the rising costs of running SHA, the committee decided after an in depth discussion to raise the membership fee to £25 for 2018 renewal. The renewal forms will appear in the November 2017 Journal. Needless to say the renewal forms in this journal stay unchanged at £21.  Our membership subscription is still one of the lowest of all the healing associations.


As many of you already know, that due to the lack of numbers attending the seminars it has become too expensive to arrange anymore. Not enough people were attending to cover the costs involved in paying for the lecturer and the hire of the hall. Consequently these events have become uneconomical to arrange, and sadly this is also the case with ‘healer-meets-healer’ day, which has for the last few years been slotted in on the end of the AGM, which actually saves SHA the cost of a hall for the day. Hopefully in future for just one Saturday in the year more members could attend the AGM and get involved in Surreys business. After which, staying for the informal gathering of the ‘healer-meets-healer’ event and let us know what is going on in your area and chat to other likeminded healers. 


Membership Secretary: Kathy has held this position for many years and done an excellent job in the process. But due to health and time constraints it has now been handed over to me (with the Committee’s approval). I have helped out Kathy in the past with this job, but now I am doing it full time, although Kathy stays as Training Co-ordinator and Vice Chair.


Events Co-ordinator: Since Owen took on the job as Events Co-ordinator, he tells us that no-one has approached him with a proposal for an event they would like to run, promote and advertise ‘Surreys’. With this in mind at a recent Committee Meeting, it was decided that the position of Events Co-ordinator will no longer exist, but Owen will continue to be a valuable member of the Committee. If anyone has any interest in running an event for S.H.A. and needs support, please contact the secretary with details.


Advertise sanctuary on website:  It has been suggested that as the website is undergoing a revamp at the moment so that it could be accessed by phones and tablets, would it be a good idea to allow members to advertise their sanctuaries, churches and healing centres on the website for a small charge?  Please let us know your reaction to this suggestion by email or post.

- Martin

Membership Secretary's Report
I have been the membership secretary for the past seven years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately the last two years my health has been quite bad. On top of that members were asked to submit pictures of themselves to be put on the cards. This actually should have been done a few years ago because most places that you go to people have got cards around their necks with their names and pictures for more identification. We left this aspect out for longer than we should have done. Now I know NOTHING about computers and so this is a job that I personally could not do. Martin wasn’t sure of how to do it, but one of our committee members, Jason, knew exactly how to do it. Land so between Martin and Jason your new membership cards were produced with your pictures on them. And although the only thing I had to do was to sign it my health really want that good. And so I decided it would be better to hand the whole thing over to Martin, that way there would not be a delay in your cards reaching you.  I have enjoyed getting to know most f you  in the years that I was Membership Secretary, but I am still hoping that I will see some of you, both at the AGM and becoming tutors when we hold our Tutor Training Day. 


This year we had arranged for two Tutor  Training Days.  No one applied for the first one so it was cancelled, and only one person applied for the second one.  These training days are still held in my house and will carry on that way. But the person who applied to come to the training day in September unfortunately forgot, and so this year we have had no Training days at all. We are now running a different web site which hopefully will be up and running in the new year. I understand and think it sounds very good, but of course I am taking no part in it because it involves- COMPUTERS!!!   I am sure a lot of our members are the same as me, and that is why we write the journal.  I know that many of you don’t read it. And I know that some of you have thrown it away together with your membership renewal forms, which are always inside.  I know this because there are quite a few of you that have phoned in the past saying they haven’t received their membership renewal form. This is entirely up to you but if like me you don’t use a computer, how are you going to find things out about Surreys?  I hand the Membership Secretary post over to Martin confident that he will do his part as he has helped me in the past.  I will obviously still carry on as training co-ordinator and vice chair, and I look forward to seeing more of you at our AGM.

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and I hope that 2017 is a better year for most of you, and that includes myself.

- Kathy

I.T. Co-ordinator's Report

Hi just a quick message from your new IT Co-ordinator! Now I guess you are probably thinking why do we need an IT Co-ordinator? Well with the current situation technology wise it seems more and more important for Surrey’s to gain a presence on the internet and, as such, I am here to liaise with our website designer to create and promote the Surrey’s website (surreyhealing.org.uk) and to ensure it is mobile friendly: to oversee and hopefully promote the Facebook page (Surrey Healing), And then to promote SHA as a brand as we are all supposed to do all we can to help the organisation grow. So that’s the formal hello done and I’d just like to say thank you for  it- I hope everyone has a great Christmas and an awesome 2017.     

- Jason

Training Co-ordinator’s Report

I first started healing over 40 years ago, and initially joined the NFSH.  After a few years I realised the NSFH was not for me, although I was lucky enough to know a healer (who has since died) that was a Surrey Healer. There were not as many rules and regulations then as there is now but to join Surreys they needed to see my full healing certificate and an up-to-date membership card of the NFSH.  I was lucky enough to have to have an interview with Fred Cousins who asked me questions on a personal basis. Obviously wanting to know why I wanted to become a healer, why I wanted to join Surreys, and what I wanted to do in the future. And I told him that I would like to teach when I had enough experience. Since then I have trained quite a few people to become full healers, and personally I have loved watching these students start from nothing and become full healers. In those days, once you were a full healer you could start teaching, but not now.  We now have to have tutors, so I would like to talk about tutors, and how important they are.       

TUTORS :  Tutors are very important because you are the ones that take on students and train them to become full healers. Without you we cannot exist.  When we first started with our tutors, people joined, not necessarily to have students but just because they wanted to be tutors, and that is really perfectly all right. But you see now we need our tutors to take on students. Because without the students we do not get full healers, and without the healers we cannot get tutors.  And so without them Surreys, and other healing organisations will just die and no longer exist. So I am appealing to all full healers- PLEASE BECOME TUTORS.    It is I agree, two years out of your life, but it is also two years out of the student’s life.  You full healers/tutors have got so much knowledge to impart, you may think that you cannot do it, and I used to think that myself. But then I remembered the saying “WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY THE TEACHER WILL BE FOUND”.  I have found this so right and I am so lucky that in regards to this I run my own church. So it is fairly easy to take on students on a regular basis, and believe me, it has been so worthwhile and rewarding to be able to share what I have learnt over 40 years.

BUT HOW DO YOU FIND NEW STUDENTS ? Before I ran the church, I found this the most difficult thing to do. Did my friends want to become healers? Yes, a couple of them did, but how do you carry on finding more students?  I have to say I found the best place was the churches. I started going to my local spiritualist church on a regular basis, and over the months listened to some of the messages the people would get in some of the churches. A lot of the messages included “you can be a healer”.  Of course I didn’t jump up then but then waited for a few more weeks.  I found the same people got a similar message and so quietly I approached these people and asked them if they would like to become healers.  Some said no but others said, “Well, I wouldn’t mind trying it”. And before I knew it I had seven people interested in healing. This particular church did not have any healers of their own, and so I wasn’t treading on any ones toes.  So can I suggest for you full healers, that would like to be tutors, but don’t know where you could get your students from, this could be a very good place to start.

It could be that the church you go to does have healers of their own, and it could also be that some of those healers feel that they are getting too old to teach new students because of the training being two years. So it could be that they will invite you into the church to heal in the church. That actually happened to me, many years ago, so not only was I running my own healing group from my house, I was also running a healing circle with new students in the church.  Of course, after a while this became too much, but I was lucky enough to incorporate my group into the church.

Of course for a lot of that time I didn’t have to be 'a tutor' but now you have to be. But the same thing still applies, you can still ask people that are in the church who get messages every week if they would like to be a healer, just give them your name and a phone number and the day you would like to see them, and see if they come.  Or perhaps see if you are lucky enough to be invited into the church to take part in their healing group. So if you are a tutor and you have enough energy, and enough will to want to pass on some of the things that you have learnt, PLEASE BECOME A TUTOR !  I think that perhaps there maybe some of you who are tutors that wonder why you bothered, because you realised that you did not know how to recruit new students. It would mean that basically you would have to go out once a week to a church and just sit and listen. But I have found that by doing that I learnt an awful lot myself. After all you are never too old to learn, and it started me on circle work and having, and still have a healing group.  I am now one of the older ones who wonder if I should take on any more students, fortunately after running a church for 13 years I have got 5 tutors in my church, and after Christmas we will be taking on two new students, with I think another two to come.  Remember, you tutors are VERY IMPORTANT to us.  You are the life blood of SHA and hopefully at the next tutor course I run, we will have a few more full healers applying to become tutors.

God Bless. Have a very peaceful Christmas, and hopefully the New Year will see the start of full healers wanting to become tutors, and securing SHA for the foreseeable future.

- Kathy

2015-2016: Messages From The Committee

January 07, 2016


When I look back over the many years and recall the joy each healing session gave me and the other members of our healing group following a successful evening when patients had received relief from their painful or other problems. I’m sure that this must be true of all our healers as the way we approach each patient with the confidence born of experience and the inner knowledge that healing will be given to them. When we attune with that eternal spirit within us we are fulfilling a destiny created before we were born as part of our spiritual evolution.

The patient I’m sure feels this confidence as the healing proceeds and the pain gets easier and is encouraged to return if and when this may be necessary.

When patients are introduced to spiritual healing I’m certain that the eternal spirit within them had prompted them to respond and thus begin their awakening to the need for them to be aware of the purpose of their life on earth. This is true for all of us as we are all on a Spiritual journey that may take us through many lifetimes and building on the growth and expansion of our spiritual evolution. It does not work this way for everyone because we are all on different pathways and cannot know what purpose we are serving and just respond to whatever life may throw at us.

However, we are not left unsupported for there are those in that higher life that keep an eye on us and endeavour to guide us as best they may. Everyone is given so many opportunities to respond to their prompting and it may be that the love that we feel for our fellow man will influence how we are likely to respond and guided to the help that we may need.
I suppose an example may be how we were introduced to the development group we joined and learned about meditation. From there we were on the road to being introduced to Healing and a chance to join a development group.

This is most likely the route that most healers have followed but there are also those rare individuals who may be advanced souls and who have a natural ability and a special purpose to serve and give guidance to those on their own spiritual journey. So we come full circle and I acknowledge that I have told a tale that most of you were well aware of and I make no apologies for I think it was a tale worth telling.

I wish all of you the very best wishes for the festive season ahead of us and for the New Year.

- Fred Cousins


I hope this year has been kind to you all, as always doesn’t time fly! Time seems to travel faster after September, with Christmas looming the shops are full of merchandise urging us all to buy them, and the sooner the better! Before this there is Halloween and Guy Fawkes with all the noisy fireworks, and that for pet owners is a real worry, some poor animals are left terrified.

Apart from this our ordinary lives carry on, work, family. Home and garden have to be prepared for the winter months, no wonder so many people don’t enjoy this time of year, there seems so much to do. On top of all this is the clocks go back, bringing us less light. Shorter days, longer evenings the temperature drops and the heating has to go on! I think most of us worry about the extra cost of keeping warm, especially our older members. Also for many older people this can be a lonelier time of year, when they can feel more isolated. Not only if they have no family to be there for them, but the darker days and the cold can keep them in. So I’m going to add to your list of things to do, if you have an elderly neighbour or friend give them a call or visit now and again to see if they need anything or maybe they just need to see a friendly face and a chat over a cuppa! I’m sure many of you do this already, so good for you, keep it up!

Despite all the hustle and bustle of our lives, don’t forget the beauty of the season. I love : the colours of the fallen leaves, and walking through them when I used to take my dog out, always brought the child out in me, I just couldn’t resist giving them a kick so they flew in all directions! When everything is covered in a blanket of snow and all is quick and clean. And when we get those cold crisp sunny days, and you can go out well wrapped up the air feels clearer but colder and your nose turns blue! This is the time for mother nature to rest and replenish itself to be ready for spring. We should take a “leaf” out of her book and do the same, but for most of us it’s impossible. Maybe that’s why so many of us fall ill!!

As Christmas draws nearer I’m sure we all think of it’s message “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all men”. It is needed more than ever now, so in our absent healing let’s wrap the world up in it’s healing light.
As always don’t forget yourselves, stay warm and well. I wish you a Merry Christmas. Love and God Bless.

- Linda.


As we are members of CHO, they keep us advised of the work they are doing to unite all complimentary therapies under the one umbrella group. We recently received the following email :

We are delighted to let you know that a meeting has been held between the Confederation of Healing Organisations, the Spiritualists National Union, the British Alliance of Healing Associations and UK Healers to discuss the future of healing and how we could all work together with others to develop and achieve our mutual goals for the wider benefit of the healing movement.

A number of areas were agreed would benefit from a joint approach:
Academically based research and information gathering and sharing
Publicity and public relations
Influencing and informing the outside world
Common courses
Conferences, meetings and tours.

From this successful meeting we have developed an action plan and will be making progress on this before our next meeting in the autumn.
It is early days and we agreed that we would be taking things slowly, a step at a time.
If you have any thoughts or comments on this exciting development please let us know.”

To which we asked :

• “What is the criteria for ‘academically based research’ (higher learning of studies in reading and involve abstract thought rather than being primarily practical)? What academic body will provide the research?
Who suggested it and why do we need it?

• Publicity and public relations – there is much information on each association’s website, how do you propose to publicise further?

• Influencing and informing the ‘outside world’. In this day and age surely the public would refer to the internet?

• Common courses – What exactly would they involve? How much would this cost our members? Will the courses be compulsory? What subjects would they cover (apart from spiritual healing which we are already doing)? And how do you think this will benefit all the healing organisations that are park of UK Healers?

• What conferences, what meetings and what tours – are they going to be compulsory? Will they ‘include audience participation’? At what cost to members? What are the consequences of any association not wishing to adopt your joint planned action?

As we all know healing has been around for hundreds of years without the pressure of extensive study. In fact many healers do not charge for their services. We fear that many of these changes are going to add financial burden to future healers, leading to the exact opposite of you achieving your mutual goals”.

Now if there is anything you would like say or comment on it would be nice if you would email or post your remarks to me so that we can find out how our members feel about this article, because we really need to have your feedback.

We will not be holding anymore seminars due to the lack of support in the past. It has become uneconomical to arrange.

It would be nice to receive any article you may wish to write, especially concerning the above that could be of interest to our other members. After all we won’t know your opinion if you do not express it.
We will be revamping the web site, so it would be very nice for those of you who are on the internet to send us in some of your thoughts concerning your own centres, any successes you have had with your healing; or if you feel that healing is becoming too complex and complicated. It would be nice to hear from you in your own words. This way not only our members but members of the public can read your views and perhaps participate.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

- Martin.



As usual, not much to report except that we are carrying on financially secure. I am hoping that the cut backs that we have made i.e. only producing one manual and you returning your membership forms with a s.s.a.e. is all we need to do to keep our heads above water.

Our funds were boosted when we received a £500 donation which was bequeathed from Reuben Benjamin. He was a member of ours for quite a few years. I am sure he knows that we will spend it wisely.

Hopefully when you hear from me this time next year, I will have a little bit more to say. As the treasurer I don’t get much chance to say anything, nor do I need to, but there will not be a May Journal next year and so my November Journal report will be twice as long as it will include the financial accounts for the year.

As always I hope you all have a very good Christmas and that 2016 is kinder to you than 2015.

- Ian


Aren’t you all lucky, two reports from me! We have put in this journal a report that we received from the CHO, and the letter we sent to them with the committee’s thoughts on their ideas. This is only what the committee feel, it would be very nice for a change if some of you who are on the internet were to give us some feedback from those two letters. Having been to the CHO meeting, I personally am not quite sure what they are hoping to achieve. At the meeting there were healers of all disciplines, not just hands on or spiritual healers. Over the years that I have been a healer there has been many ideas and suggestions of change. Anatomy and physiology, stopping of auric healing, flicking of hands, rubbing of bodies to name but a few. Some of which I can personally see is not P.C. in this day and age or can be proven that this helps the patient. We know it does. But how to convince the medical profession or science is another question. I know that most of us do not charge for healing, or only charge for expenses. I also know that some of you do charge for healing, which is entirely up to you and nobody else’s business. But could that be classified as being professional or not ? In other words could it be that those who charge are professional, and those of you who do not are not professional ? I personally HAVE NEVER CHARGED for healing, but I do understand the arguments made for charging. I have heard them all in the thirty-five or more years that I have been a healer.

So when we receive an email from the CHO as we have, and sat in on the meetings that I have, I wonder if that is what they are trying to achieve. It is of course correct that we have a more professional attitude to the way we deal with patients, i.e. the consent form and the two card system and keeping records. I wonder if they are talking about a two-tier system.

Over fifteen years ago I heard the rumblings of a two-tiered system for hands on healing, i.e. professional and the others. Both used for hands on healing, and I wonder if this is the way that healing is trying to go yet again. We on the committee who I know personally very well are wondering the same thing. But we do need YOU, THE MEMBERS, to let us know how you feel. The committee must know if we are taking you with us on fighting a TWO-TIERED-SYSTEM. We need more tutors, we need more healers, we need more students to carry on what was started thousands of years ago. But we also need a voice from you.

Don’t worry if you are charging, because after all your time is valuable. Don’t worry, if like me, you do not charge. What we need to try and do is to try and encourage new students to our movement so that they can learn to use their energy for good, whether there is a price on it or not. So let us hear from you. Perhaps, NOT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, but certainly into 2016. And may I wish you all a Very Happy and Peaceful Christmas, and a more communicative New Year.


- Kathy


As you will soon see we have a new mebership card being introduced for 2016 with a space for your photo on the FRONT of the card. For many years there has been a space on the reverse side for your photo, but it has been left to yourselves to attach a photo if you choose. Like everything, I am sure that most of you have noticed that most identification cards for many organisations now carry a photo of the person. We feel that in 2016 we must come into line. We need a fairly recent picture of you no larger than a passport size.

Don’t forget that we must also have an SSAE (self, stamped, addressed envelope. Which together with your renewal form can as usual be sent to me as Membership Secretary. This year I will be unable to send you your membership card UNLESS YOU INCLUDE AN S.S.A.E. because of the costs becoming so expensive.

I must thank those of you who sent me the s.s.a.e. last year. From the Membership Secretary’s point of view this does save me writing out an envelope. Some of you very kindly sent me in extra stamps to cover costs. From the Treasurers point of view, that makes him very happy. But from my point of view, as I have tried to explain before, the envelope does save me and my poor hands writing over two-hundred-and-fifty envelopes. You may find that the 2016 membership card may take a little longer to be returned. This is because we have to put the photograph on it, and because this is new to us, allow us a little bit of time please. But if you have not received your card AFTER TWO WEEKS, PLEASE LET US KNOW !!!! As we do get quite a lot of lost postage either from you or to us. But the new process will not take us any longer than two weeks.
We are holding the membership renewal to £21 again this year, cutting down on our news letter from two to one, has helped our finances greatly. So has the s.s.a.e. so thank you.

The new Tutor days for 2016 will be Saturday 13th June (unlucky for some), and Saturday 12th September. On these dates there is only room for a maximum of six people. But if like last year there was no interest, the date will be moved to Saturday 12th September ONLY. You will be informed of that by the end of MAY 2016.

The reason that the AGM is now starting at 1pm is because the room has a PRIOR BOOKING until 12.30pm so we cannot start until at least 1pm.

I would like to thank all our members who have in the past been very kind in sending us extra stamps or extra donations to go towards our costs at Surreys, it is a very kind gesture of yours and very much appreciated.
You will find your cards will be a bit slower coming through this year. 1) because of the new requirements of the passport size photograph, and 2) like all of you, I have extra shopping and presents to get, so hopefully you will have some patience with me.

- Kathy.



Just recently there have been a lot of new association’ names being banded about, most of which you may never have heard of; but could do in the future. At the time of writing this we at Surrey’s do not know what it entails but you can google most of this on the internet.

GRCCT. General Regulatory Council for Complimentary Therapies.
To date they have 25 organisations listed, of which Surreys is one, which allows us as individual members to join (if we wish) their organisation.
Registration (includes initial therapy) £35 for one year.
Registration 2 Therapies £40 for one year
Registration 3 Therapies £45 for one year
Registration 4 Therapies £50 for one year

CNHC. Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council
And they recognise the following umbrella organisations
British Alliance of Healing Associations (BAHA)
Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)
UK Healers – member organisations
And their registration fee is £63 for your first discipline. Each additional discipline costs £10 up to your fourth discipline, after which there is no fee for additional disciplines.

Both of these are Government bodies set up to govern the complimentary health care associations and organisations.

NOS National Occupational Standards.
Skills for Health champions the benefits of workforce learning and development based on competences / National Occupational Standards (NOS). As a Sector Skills Council, they have responsibility for developing and maintaining all the UK NOS for healthcare occupations. Their work with NOS underpins their range of widely used tools, products and consultancy services that enable you to get the most from your workforce.

This is just to give you an insight of things that we are aware of. YOU DO NOT NEED TO JOIN ANY OF THESE ASSOCIATIONS AT THE MOMENT !!! But some of our members may want to know about them and even perhaps to join them. It is for them that we are giving this information.



In the past all our AGM’s have been held at 11am for 11.30am. This year, because of a prior booking at the hall, we cannot start until at least 12.30pm. Of course the Committee needs time on their own to arrange the food and the chairs for our meeting. And so our meeting will not start until 1pm. Is it possible that perhaps more of you will come because it is later? I know the time that I and the committee leave home to get to the hall is a very early start and I am wondering whether we would prefer that ? After all March is a very cold month and none of us are getting any younger. So with a later start would that mean that more of you will come? We all enjoy the fact that we have Healer-meet-Healer day after the AGM. because it gives us a chance and you a chance to sit, have something to eat and a cup of tea and chat to everyone who is there. Both the committee and the members think it nice to be able to put a face to names. As the AGM itself doesn’t last for long, the day itself becomes longer because it is not just business it is much more pleasurable. So all of you that wished you had come in the past, but perhaps it made a very early start how about seeing if you could come this year (2016) and perhaps we will make it a I lunchtime AGM in future….

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